Claribase (Formerly AirOps Consulting)


What our Airtable clients are sayingโ€‹


Claribase built a base on which we run a nationwide wind farm finance business

I called Claribase when I had just discovered Airtable but could not seem to make it work. They helped me get rolling enough to understand what it could do at a basic level. Then I started populating a small base until I could understand how much it could do for us. I then started mixing and matching Claribase with my own efforts until the base (and our business) outgrew me in terms of base complexity.

Now, Claribase is on call whenever we have any changes or updates to make. I rarely touch it anymore, focusing more on running the business. This was not a big account for them, but they have grown with us seamlessly.

Chris Haga

High Mesa Renewables LLC