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Airtable IF Statements

Using IF Statements in Airtable The IF statement is one of the fundamental formulas that all Airtable builders should be comfortable using. IF statements are used within many Airtable applications, from simple conditional logic, to building very advanced and nuanced … Read More

Airtable Formula: DateAdd

The DATEADD function provides the ability to precisely calculate future or past dates by adding or subtracting a specified time period to a given date. This functionality is essential for a variety of tasks, from planning future project milestones to backdating posts for content calendars. … Read More

Choreographing Success: Dance Wire’s Transformation with Claribase and Airtable

“The result of what you built for us has been truly transformational for our organization. Compared to 9 months ago (before the project) it’s night and day. It’s running on it’s own. We are thinking less and less about day to day stuff. ”
Dance WireRead More

SK Collaborative: Real-Time Project & Financial Reporting System Inside Airtable

“We had pretty specific needs. We came with spreadsheets and asked you to build it. You guys have been great, and really responsive and helpful throughout the development process. The system works very well for us. It exceeds our expectations.”
SK CollaborativeRead More

Marketing for Success: Airtable for Marketing Teams

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, marketing teams need to be agile, creative, and data-driven. That’s where Airtable comes in. This powerful tool is not just a database; it’s a flexible platform that adapts to your team’s unique workflows. In this video, we explore the myriad ways in which Airtable can enhance your marketing team’s efforts, from centralized calendars to effective reporting. … Read More

Streamlining Success in Festival Planning: FoLAR’s Airtable Transformation with Claribase

“Working with Claribase was exactly what we needed. After seeing this project through, we’re very happy that we ended up choosing Claribase. And from my perspective, from a project management side, not using Airtable is equivalent to not using the internet.”
Dennis Mabasa, FoLARRead More

Precision in Practice: How Ren Studio navigated newfound growth by moving their order management and production scheduling to Airtable.

We’ve had such a great experience, so professional, so thorough. We estimate that the time savings from Airtable has resulted in 2.5 days a week of an employee’s time.
Sarah de Bruyn, Director REN StudioRead More

Elevating Network Infrastructure: How ACE Technologies Enhanced its Internal Sales Pipelines and Project Management with Airtable

Just our estimating team alone saves 8 – 10 hours a week. Internally what Claribase built for us is probably saving us over $100,000 a year easily. It’s pretty incredible
Jason O’Brien, Research and Development Manager
Read More

10 Great Tips for Keeping Your Airtable Base Clean and Organized

10 Great Tips for Keeping Your Airtable Base Clean and Organized Airtable is a fantastic tool for organizing virtually anythingβ€”from project plans to inventories. But as your projects grow, so does the complexity of your bases. Here are ten expert … Read More

Unveiling the Gems: Key Takeaways from Daretable 2023 Part 1

Because NoCode without a story is a spreadsheet, DareTable 2023 … Read More

Unveiling the Gems: Key Takeaways from Daretable 2023 Part 2

Because NoCode without a story is a spreadsheet, DareTable 2023 … Read More

DreamWakers: Leveraging Airtable to Help a Non-Profit Organization Save Time and Grow

β€œThe efficiencies, the time-savings are so significant that it feels impossible to quantify. We would not be where we are now in terms of scale if we did not have this solution in place because we were so inhibited by the manual work.”

Jillian Scott, Executive Director of DreamWakers
Read More

Using Airtable to Simplify Non-Profit Grant Management

β€œWhenever I had a question or felt like I was unclear about something, I just really appreciated the time that [Claribase] took to help to answer a question and offer a thorough response.”

Gen Carmel, Program Director, LEF Foundation
Read More

CCH Marketing Leverages Airtable Databases to Create and Manage Content

β€œWith Airtable, we have saved half a person in time!”

Sara Rothfeder, Chief Operating Officer, CCH

Read More

Should You Use Airtable or Spreadsheets? Part 1

If you are considering using Airtable databases over your typical spreadsheets application then you have found the right place! This article and associated YouTube video will help guide you into making the best decision for your organization’s unique data and automation needs. … Read More

Should You Use Airtable or Spreadsheets? Part 2

If you are a new user on Airtable, you must have wondered at some point if Airtable is the right place for me to store my data, or should I go back to using my trusted spreadsheet tool that I’ve already got set up on my computer? … Read More

Justice At Last: Airtable Database for a Legal Non-Profit

Justice At Last is a non-profit law firm in the San Francisco Bay Area that gives free comprehensive legal services to survivors of all forms of human trafficking. Over the last year, Claribase has been working with Justice At Last to improve their operations. … Read More

Airtable Sales CRM Fundamentals – Creating a Contacts Table

This eight-part Airtable tutorial series on building a custom Airtable CRM from scratch provides a starting point to building a custom CRM built specifically for your company’s needs. Keep in mind that you can adjust your Airtable to make it suit you. No two sales teams are identical, and thus each will have unique needs. … Read More

Airtable Sales CRM Fundamentals – Creating a Company Table

It all begins with an effective CRM system that enables the sales team to be more productive and improves your productivity as a manager.

Airtable brings automation and organization to managing contacts, deals, and sales data that keeps the entire sales team in the know. In short, it provides you with a scalable CRM solution. … Read More

Airtable Sales CRM Fundamentals – Developing Improved Collaboration through Interactions Tables

Improving sales data greatly benefits both the sales team and the management team. It helps your sales team focus on the most promising sales activities that yield results, without duplicating tasks or losing track of important information. As a sales manager, it provides day-to-day visibility on your team allowing you to easily support your team as they identify areas for improvement in your sales workflow. … Read More

Airtable Sales CRM Fundamentals: Log Sales Interactions with Prefilled Airtable Forms and Buttons

Your sales team can use an effective CRM in Airtable to keep track of customer data and record notes from meetings and phone calls. If one of your sales team members leaves the company, an Airtable CRM will protect you from being left with a set of ambiguous leads and missing information. … Read More

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