Claribase (Formerly AirOps Consulting)

About Us

A team of Airtable experts committed to helping organizations reach their full potential.

We are passionate about designing and building elegant Airtable Databases to help organizations grow.


Organizations transformed


11 countries served

At Claribase, we help our clients reach their potential through smarter database solutions using Airtable. We create bespoke Airtable solutions designed and built in collaboration with your organization, tailored to your needs. We work with your team to define organizational needs, objectives, and processes to identify areas where custom Airtable solutions can add value and save time for your organization.

Claribase works with companies and non-profit organizations of all sizes. We’ve helped new entrepreneurs learn Airtable through coaching sessions and successfully completed large Airtable implementations for cross-team collaboration in large enterprises. Since our company started in 2019, we’ve worked with technology, entertainment, natural resources, professional services, real estate, and non-profit organizations worldwide in North America, Europe and Australia.

You may have your own spreadsheets or processes already, but how can you ensure that you’re getting the most out of your data? By having single source of truth for your data inside of Airtable, your team will communicate better, eliminate tedious manual processes and save hours of work every week.

With us, you can trust that you are building a long-term partnership that helps you optimize operations, bring clarity to your processes, and make your data work for you using automation and innovative solutions. We believe in helping our clients be independent and confident in managing their and encourage our clients to learn best practices and technical skills while working with our team.

Your success is our passion. Let’s collaborate to reimagine your workflows to implement a scalable database so your team can stop worrying about missing deadlines and instead, focus on growing your business.

Our Values


We strive to create outstanding Airtable databases where the quality speaks for itself.

People First

Whether we're working with employees or clients, we do business with an empathetic, authentic, people-first approach.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity while helping our clients reach their goals and overcome obstacles.


We treat your business as if it's our own, and work with your team to build the right Airtable system.


Helping our clients grow is important, and we are always looking for ways to build solutions that scale with our client’s best interests in mind.


We prioritize clear and transparent communication to build trust through responsible data management and lasting relationships with clients.

Meet the Founder

I’m Cherry Yang, founder of Claribase - welcome to our world of Airtable!

As a certified Zapier expert and Airtable Consultant Partner, I’ve been building databases and workflows using Airtable and Zapier for over four years now, helping clients untangle complex processes and streamline operations.

I’ve taken my love for data and automation and built a consultancy to help businesses grow their revenue and enable non-profit organizations to make a greater impact.

I love what I do because I see the impact that an elegantly designed Airtable solution can help teams get the most out of their data. Our clients say they make better decisions, collaborate more seamlessly, while saving time by using automation. I started my career in eCommerce and retail technology companies, but what I quickly became was a champion for Airtable and automation.

As more businesses sought out my expertise as an Airtable expert, I saw the value of Airtable for businesses across different sizes. The impact I was making for entrepreneurs and operations teams led to me founding Claribase because I wanted to help more organizations reach their potential.

When you work with Claribase, we help get down to the ‘WHY’ behind projects and features to ensure that what we design truly works for your needs and scales as your business grows. I’ve worked with clients around the world in many sectors and leverage my experience to create solutions optimized for your needs.

Enough about me, I’d love to learn more about how we can help you!

The AirOps Advantage

Our Approach

Step 1

Database Strategy and Design

The first step allows our client's internal team and Claribase to be entirely aligned on the process and what the outcome of the project will look like. The deliverable for this phase is the mockup of your database so the client can know how it will be set up.

Step 2

Database Implementation

The second step is for the Claribase team to build the database by configuring fields, setting up automation, and implementing views and interfaces for various team members. The client team and AirOps team will have periodic meetings to communicate on the progress and clarifying questions

Step 3

Team Training and Support

The third step of our projects is to train the client team on how to use their database. Claribase can also provide ongoing support to the client through a monthly retainer.

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