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Claribase creates bespoke, streamlined Airtable solutions that let you connect information, collaborate, and build powerful databases to help your business reach its potential.


Claribase creates bespoke, streamlined Airtable solutions that are custom-built for your organization's needs.


Our Airtable solutions are designed to grow alongside the success of your business.


All of our databases are streamlined, intuitive, and easy to use.

Curious if Airtable is a good fit for your team?

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Cherry is a consummate professional when it comes to Airtable and business in general. She has been working as a part of my team for several months now to create and launch an amazing new CRM for my business. I am thrilled with her results.

Jason Ford
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The Claribase Advantage

We follow a three-step process to create custom airtable database implementations. At each step, we work with our customers to make sure we understand their needs.

Step 1

Strategic Design

We work closely with your team to fully understand your processes, goals, and deliver a mockup of your custom database so you can see how it will look in action.

Step 2

System Implementation

We dig into the configuration and automation in your Airtable database and collaborate with you to build a solution that works for every part of your process.

Step 3

Training & Support

Once the database is live, we'll train your team on how to make the most of the new tools and offer ongoing support through a monthly retainer.

More Than a Database

New to Airtable? There's a lot you're going to love.

Sales Funnel Management

Leverage the power of Airtable as a CRM to help grow your business.

Project Management

Save project information in one place to provide a single source of truth for your team.

Content Creation & Calendars

Collaborate with your team on creating content, copy, and assets for your marketing team.

Customer & Order Tracking

Sync customer and order data from Shopify directly into Airtable.

Analysis & Reporting

Accurate and real-time reporting to help teams make sound decisions.

Event Management

Seamlessly plan events, festivals, and conferences on multiple days, stages, and cities.

Curious if Airtable is a good fit for your team?

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most common Database Implementation questions.

Our approach is named The Claribase Advantage.

The Claribase Advantage contains 3 steps:

  1. Database Strategy and Design – The first step allows our client’s internal team and Claribase to be entirely aligned on the process and what the outcome of the project will look like. The deliverable for this phase is the mockup of your database so the client can know how it will be set up.
  2. Database Implementation – The second step is for the Claribase consulting team to build the database by configuring fields, setting up automation, and implementing views and interfaces for various team members. The client team and Claribase team will have periodic meetings to communicate on the progress and clarifying questions
  3. Team Training and Support – The third step of our projects is to train the client team on how to use their database. Claribase can also provide ongoing support to the client through a monthly retainer.
Airtable is a customizable database solution. Since 2019, we have worked with over 100 organizations from many industries. The list below contains common industries that our clients are from:
  • Retail
  • Entertainment and Media production
  • Event Management
  • Technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Real Estate
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Government organizations
  • Professional Services and Agencies

Our projects typically take 5 – 12 weeks to complete depending on the size of the project. Larger and more complex projects could take up to 6 months.

Claribase can provide ongoing support to the client through a monthly hourly retainer. Clients use this retainer for many purposes like ongoing training, technical support, feature updates, and other database inquiries.

We integrate with a wide array of third-party apps through various methods. Airtable is constantly adding new integrations with different tools like Twilio, Outlook, Gmail, and Google Calendar. We also integrate with thousands of other apps using Zapier and Integromat like Quickbooks, SignNow, Shopify, and Mailchimp. If you need special integration requests, we can also create custom scripts to connect your Airtable. We also have extensive knowledge of the apps listed below:
  • Stacker
  • Glide
  • Pory
  • Fillout
  • Documint
  • Make
  • Zapier

We work with many large teams and have built databases that enable collaboration with many stakeholders. Typically, we will use a combination of forms, portals, and automation to help our clients save on costs and properly configure the view and editing capabilities of various stakeholders.

Claribase offers a comprehensive course – Airtable Mastery that builds on your existing Airtable knowledge and skills. In this course you will learn to design, create, and manage Airtable databases that adhere to the highest industry standards. Learn more about Airtable Mastery.

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