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CCH Marketing Leverages Airtable Databases to Create and Manage Content

“With Airtable, we have saved half a person in time!”
Sara Rothfeder, Chief Operating Officer, CCH


When CCH Marketing was established in 2007, it aimed to be the leading media firm representing the media needs of many industries, including healthcare and hospitality. CCH Marketing is a digital marketing, advertising, public relations, and social media agency based in Florida, USA. 

Over the years, CCH Marketing has grown into a diverse and talented team of account managers, writers, designers, marketing specialists, analysts, and strategists. It is not all business with CCH Marketing. It is involved in numerous philanthropic causes to give back monetarily and with time as well. CCH always encourages its employees to volunteer and give back to their organization of choice. 

As an organization that manages social media for major clients, streamlining workflows around the Editorial Calendar is essential for CCH Marketing to grow.

The Problem – Multiple Tools for Daily Tasks 

CCH, like many marketing teams, did not have a single source of truth for their data. Thus, many team members spent hours and days every month searching and manually updating key information on upcoming social media and blog posts. 

When we receive client emails, we focus on their key requirements. As we used Basecamp and Excel spreadsheets, that meant going through the emails in one software and then transferring the key points from one system over to another.

Sarah Rothfeder, Chief Operating Officer, CCH

Although spreadsheets documented the raw data, the CCH Editorial Calendar process became increasingly complex with the numerous posts, various types/tags, and cross-posts on different platforms. Because CCH was in constant communication with their clients, important information was stored in emails and the collective memory of the team. Inconsistent data often led to key team members spending a significant amount of time manually entering data and searching for the most updated information within emails and different spreadsheets. Ultimately, CCH felt spreadsheets could not support the content creation, management, and scheduling processes.

Researching Airtable Solutions

Soon after the issues were identified, Giselle at CCH came across Airtable. After researching how leading marketing teams use Airtable –  CCH was confident that an Airtable database could be the answer to their process management difficulties. The only issue now was figuring out how to effectively implement the Airtable database and automations.

 “We started looking for an Airtable consultant because the templates didn’t offer the customized solution that we needed.” 

Sarah Rothfeder, Chief Operating Officer, CCH 

While looking for expert Airtable consultants, Giselle identified Claribase as an excellent partner. 

Airtable Solutions for Marketing Teams


The Solution – Airtable Editorial Calendar for Marketing Teams

The goal of adapting Airtable was not only to eradicate the past issues involved with managing CCH’s Editorial Calendar but also to build a robust base for the future of CCH’s business as they continue to grow.

“We were using Excel to manage a very complex process with an enterprise-level client and we were losing control of the intricacies of a process that had outgrown a spreadsheet.” 

Sarah Rothfeder, Chief Operating Officer, CCH 

The Airtable database consisted of many features that helped the team at CCH improve their work flows starting with the data entry process. The team had many repeated tasks that were automatically generated to save time. Furthermore, any additional data were being entered using Airtable forms which made the data entry process more regimented and consistent.

The Airtable database also facilitated communication and collaboration with other team members. There were multiple approvals on a post along with feedback at each stage. The end clients at CCH could also use Airtable forms to provide updates and feedback once they have reviewed the work. The team at CCH no longer had to search through other tools and systems to find the client feedback and copy and paste it into a spreadsheet. Having all the stakeholders use the same system also saved time.

We had to look at incoming emails through the lens of what we have to extract here and add somewhere else so we don’t lose track of what the client is asking us to do because it’s embedded in an email narrative.” 

Sarah Rothfeder, Chief Operating Officer, CCH

The team at CCH also made use of customized views to enable their team. There are many views configured to each individual’s needs so they can quickly access the most relevant information and Airtable buttons in order to approve posts, add comments, and update stages. By showing the most relevant information, the team could focus on the task at hand.

Using Airtable allowed CCH to have one single source of truth for their data and enabled the team to work for efficiently

The Outcome – Save Time, Clear Communication, and Accurate Data

“From a business perspective, when we decided we needed Airtable, having us figure [Airtable] out when it’s not our core competency is like buying a Ferrari and filling it with leaded gasoline. You gotta have the super-premium gasoline in order for it to give us the most power.  That’s where Claribase came in.”

Sara Rothfeder, Chief Operating Officer, CCH

Time Savings

Finding relevant information, managing data, and setting up the editorial calendar took the team approximately 80 hours per month. Now, CCH spends under 15 hours per month on these tasks.

Instead of juggling between different softwares, CCH can now view all their processes by navigating to customized Airtable views.

“Airtable’s simplicity and intuitiveness is just like a prism. With all the pivots within our template, we can view our processes from the prism’s different facets with just a click.” 

Sarah Rothfeder, Chief Operating Officer, CCH

Clear Communication

All CCH stakeholders are now on the same page as their employees can focus on what matters, and their clients can easily visualize their project timelines.

Accurate Data

Instead of juggling between different softwares, CCH can now view all their processes by navigating to customized Airtable views. Besides an overhaul of the processes structuring, the blogs are seamlessly integrated within Airtable. Wondering whether a client’s blog has been posted and painstakingly going through the blog timeline is in the past. All CCH stakeholders are now on the same page as their employees can focus on what matters, and their clients can easily visualize their project timelines. 

With the change Claribase brought to CCH, one thing is certain, Claribase ensures your success. 

Experience Working with Claribase

Originally, Giselle was worried about the possibility of translating CCH’s complex marketing needs to Airtable. However, as soon as the project scope was discussed and explained in the initial consultation with Claribase, her worries were eased as a clear path to implementing an Airtable solution was presented. 

Cherry does a wonderful job of guiding and managing conversations. She does a wonderful job of sifting through the extraneous conversation and getting to the point.” 

Giselle Rodriguez, Senior Account Manager, CCH

Airtable consultants with strong business acumen understand the importance of learning your processes first, communicating the needs, and then implementing a solution that is customized to you. Claribase was able to achieve impactful results by using an Airtable database to help the team collaborate and implementing Airtable automations to help the team save time. 

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