Claribase (Formerly AirOps Consulting)

Government Healthcare and Education

Transformed the way we work!

Our small but rapidly growing nonprofit worked with Cherry and her team to design and build an Airtable database to meet our complex programming and operational needs. The resulting solution has been transformative for our workflow, data management, and stakeholder … Read More

Outstanding work

I have been working with Cherry and Abdul from Claribase since late 2021 and they have already improved our operations much more than I expected. Our use of Airtable is now very organized and the automations Claribase introduced made the … Read More

Claribase has provided us with competent and streamlined solutions for our most complex projects.

Cherry and her team have been an invaluable resource to us. She has partnered with us to help streamline systems and brainstorm solutions using Airtable. She is extremely knowledgeable and able to take our complex problems and break them down … Read More

Claribase helped us put the tech back into Masstech!

Claribase helped us build a customized system with effective reporting. Our weekly update meetings went from multiple hours to just 45 minutes. We now have meetings on issues and strategic topics instead of having a round table of status updates … Read More

Amazing to work with!

Cherry provided exceptional communication and expertise to assist us in creating a manageable workflow. She demonstrated high levels of professionalism and dedication, providing tailor-made solutions that made our business processes more efficient and effective, especially as an educational institution. My … Read More