Claribase (Formerly AirOps Consulting)


What our Airtable clients are sayingโ€‹


Our film grant management workflow is much faster now, thanks to Claribase.

Working with Claribase was wonderful!

We decided to go with Claribase because of our initial call with Cherry, during which we got to learn about all of the options that would be available to us, and the way that Claribase would be able to work with us to implement our goals using AirTable.

Whenever we had a question or felt like we were unclear about something, the team at Claribase was quick to respond and offered a thorough answer.

The final solution that Claribase developed for us made our film grant management workflow much smoother and faster, overall saving 5-7 hours of our workday when sending grant decisions and compiling grantee information.

Gen Carmel

Program Director
LEF Foundation