Claribase (Formerly AirOps Consulting)

Coaching and Training

Claribase understands businesses like ours, and their ability to hone in on the core issues and develop a functional solution makes them super efficient, impactful and delightful to work with

We reached out to Claribase to discuss improving and expanding a set of Airtable bases we had set up to use as our internal CRM. From the initial consultation it was clear that they would be great to partner with. … Read More

Claribase were on the case. They heard what I was looking for and got me to the solution quickly.

Claribase were on the case. They heard what I was looking for and got me to the solution quickly. Always pleasant. Learned a ton. Very good teachers.

Claribase built a base on which we run a nationwide wind farm finance business

I called Claribase when I had just discovered Airtable but could not seem to make it work. They helped me get rolling enough to understand what it could do at a basic level. Then I started populating a small base … Read More

Claribase helped us keep up with 5x revenue growth!

I’m a partner at Amplified Event Strategy, an agency that develops and runs some of the most important conferences in our industry. We are a lean team of experienced operators and we use Airtable to magnify our impact. We saw … Read More

Get things done

My experience working with Cherry is very positive. I was setting up a management flow system on Airtable with Cherry and she is able to understand what I would like to achieve and we broke it down into stages to … Read More

Excellent resource & great folks to work with

I’ve had a stellar experience working with Cherry & Matt. My company has used Airtable extensively, but their depth of experience working with Airtable databases and specific engineering support with upgrades I couldn’t have scripted myself has allowed us to … Read More

Fantastic Experience – Quick Learning!

In a short amount time, I felt confident using airtable. Our consultant really did a great job at listening to our questions and understanding what our company + department does to fully grasp how airtable could help us.

My experience working with Claribase has been exceptionally positive

My experience working with Claribase has been exceptionally positive. The team at Claribase embodies qualities that set them apart, including patience, understanding, extensive knowledge, and a genuine willingness to guide us through every step of the process. The patience exhibited … Read More

I enjoyed confirming the knowledge I gained and expanding my skillset.

“Claribase is a top-rated consulting firm that provides a wide range of services to businesses of all sizes. The company has a team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants who are experts in their respective fields. They are passionate about helping … Read More

Amazing to work with!

Cherry provided exceptional communication and expertise to assist us in creating a manageable workflow. She demonstrated high levels of professionalism and dedication, providing tailor-made solutions that made our business processes more efficient and effective, especially as an educational institution. My … Read More