Claribase (Formerly AirOps Consulting)


Diaper Bank Inventory Management System

Cherry was great to work with! We needed an inventory management system literally built from the ground up for our diaper bank that we could accept diaper/wipes/formula requests in, record incoming stock, and record outgoing stock specific to the request … Read More

Our film grant management workflow is much faster now, thanks to Claribase.

Working with Claribase was wonderful! We decided to go with Claribase because of our initial call with Cherry, during which we got to learn about all of the options that would be available to us, and the way that Claribase … Read More

Transformed the way we work!

Our small but rapidly growing nonprofit worked with Cherry and her team to design and build an Airtable database to meet our complex programming and operational needs. The resulting solution has been transformative for our workflow, data management, and stakeholder … Read More


My nonprofit’s mission is to resolve all human challenges around the globe. A great challenge we face is technology that aligns with a world in the midst of a shift. I was looking for a database of my dreams, something … Read More

Customized Airtable solutions for non-profit growth and impact

Working with Claribase to assist us in database creation through Airtable was a game-changer for our non-profit based in Iqaluit, NU. Their team went above and beyond, taking the time to truly understand our workflows and pain points. The result … Read More

Claribase made a huge difference for our process

Cherry, Chantal and the Claribase team helped us unify a slew of disparate systems into an excellent, custom CRM–an upgrade from our homebrewed basic one. They were great collaborators in developing our strategy for the project, given what we knew … Read More

A vision to reality

Claribase is a mighty team! They did a remarkable job of *listening* to our visions on workflow management and turned them into a reality. I really can’t stress enough how *quickly* they picked up on the nuances of our thoughts. … Read More